How to use LaserGRBL software

Connect Your Laser Engraver to LaserGRBL

1.Connect your laser engraver to the computer running lasergrbl using the USB cable.

2.Turn your laser engraver on by plugging the cable to a power supply, if your laser engraver has a power switch, turn in on, too.

3.Select the correct “COM” that your laser engraver is connected to at the upper left corner of the software interface. If you are not sure which COM is, simply unplug the USB cable of the laser engraver while looking at the COM dropdown menu to see which number disappeared, and that is the COM port your laser engraver is connected to.
4.Next to the COM selection, you can see “Baud” selection, leave it as default ( usually it is 115200).

5.Then click on the “Connect” button right next to the Baud selection dropdown menu, or from the upper left Grbl dropdown menu.

6.After clicking the “Connect” button, from the lower right corner you will see a status sign of “Alarm” in red, and from the left information box you will see the software tells you that you need to run a homing cycle to unlock, now if your purchased machine has homing cycle then click on the “Homing” button (a white house icon) at the bottom of the software interface. Or, if your purchased laser engraver doesn’t have homing cycle function, click the “Unlock” button (a yellow lock icon) to unlock the laser engraver.

7.At this point, your laser engraver is connected successfully.

Engrave Your First Image

1.Connect your AtomStack laser engraver to your computer with your LaserGRBL software running.

2.Select “File” dropdown menu at the upper left of LaserGRBL software interface, then click on “Open File”. Another way to do this is click on the “open file” icon next to the “Filename” box just right below the “Baud” box. After clicking on either button, a window will pup up, where you can choose what image you want to engrave.

3.A popup dialog will show up once you’ve chosen the image you want, where you can choose many options for engraving. For example, tuning the Brightness, Contrast and White Clip to make the image look best for you. A preview engraving result image will change accordingly to any changes you make.

4.In the popup dialog, after the parameters section, is the “Conversion Tool” section, where you can choose in what way laser engraver will work to engrave your image, in most scenario for beginner, we recommend to use the default option “Line To Line Tracing”

5.Right after the “Conversion Tool” section is another section for “Line To Line Options”, where you can choose the engraving directions and the quality of the lines, for AtomStack A5 series and A5 M30, you can set it to 5 to 8 lines/mm, for A5 M40, you can set about 10 lines/mm, depending on the light spot of you machine. If you set the quality too high, engraved line would be overlapping with the ones next to it, in some cases this may result in not perfect looking engraved image. On the other hand, if you set the quality too low, the engraving job will be finished quicker but with too much gap between each line, the engraved image will also not be perfect looking.

6.At the bottom of the dialog, there are some icons of quick editing tool, for you to crop, rotate, flip, reverse and trim the image.

7.Once you finished all the settings, click “Next”, and one more dialog pops up called “Target image”, where you can set the engraving speed, laser power (S-min and S-max, which are the lowest and highest power of the laser that set to be used for the job), how big you want your engraving to be with the settings of Width and Height, and last, at what point of the working area you want the image to be engraved to start. We provide a recommended parameter for you to engrave on different types of material, however it is even more recommended that you do some tunings for experiment, in order to get the best setting experience for yourself, at the end of the day, it is one of the most fun parts of laser engraving.

8.After all the settings and options is done, you can view a summary information at the lower left of the software interface, showing how much lines to be engraved and the estimated time it will take the engraving job to be done.

9.If you like, click on the eight arrows at the lower left of the software interface, to move the laser module around until it is at the starting point where you want the engraving to start on the material, and click the “Set zero point) button at the bottom of the software interface, and the machine will know where to start engraving.

10.At last, click the green arrow next to the “Progress bar”, and your engraving task will be started.

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